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The study of textile chemistry begins with the knowledge of fibers – both natural and synthetic. Because synthetic fibers are such an important part of today’s textile business, textile chemical are the need of the hour. Textile chemistry includes the application of the principles of surface chemistry to cleaning processes and modifications such as dyeing and finishing. It encompasses organic chemistry in the synthesis and formulation of the products used in these processes.

CRISTOL™ is a well established brand in the manufacture and export of eco-friendly specialty performance chemicals for textile processing including surfactants, specialty chemicals and textile auxiliary chemicals. We have a wide range of pretreatment chemicals, dyeing agents, printing chemicals, finishing chemicals, spinning additives, xanthans & fibre / yarn production chemicals.

Our products show application in Apparel such as casual wear, sportswear, denim, business, and work wear, Home Textiles such as towels, upholster and sheetings & Carpets and Technical Textiles such as medical garments and glass grid fabrics.

CRISTOL™ products cover the following range of effects which are relevant in different applications in the textile industry:

  • Scouring
  • Wetting
  • Dispersing
  • Leveling
  • Softening
  • Emulsification
  • Lubrication
  • Anit-Staticity
  • Defoaming
  • Sizing
  • Bleaching
  • Pigment binding

Suitable for cellulosic fibres. Non foaming wetting agent.

Suitable for all types of textile goods. Effective in presence of electrolytes.

Suitable for all textiles but recommended for premium woolen goods.

Suitable for all textile goods. Also widely used in wool scouring.

Alkyl phenol ethoxylate free wetting agent & detergent with emulsifying and extractive action for mobilizing and removing cotton impurities in pre-treatement process.

General Purpose wetting agent. Additive to Kier boiling liquor.

Highly effective in view of the excellent wetting, detergent and penetrating action.

Wetting / penetrating / scouring agents with high stability to pH variations suitable for all bleaching processes.

Wetting / penetrating agent for cellulosic textile bleaching.

Stabiliser for silicate free bleaching of cotton and PE / cotton.

Organic stabiliser for silicate free, alkaline peroxide bleaching for cellulosic fibres and blends by continuous and batch process.

Peroxide activator for acid peroxide rapid bleaching of wool giving better performance of white soft wool.

Non-creslylic wetting agent with high stability to caustic liquors. Promotes uniform high degree of mecerisation.

Non-creslylic wetting agent with high stability to caustic liquors. Promotes uniform high degree of mecerisation.

Sizing agent for warp yarns composed of cellulosic fibres and polyester/cellulosic fibre blends.Ideal for sizing denim wraps. Improves washing out properties of the starch in sizing.

Suitable for high speed shuttleless looms & dyed yarns.

Suitable for wrap yarns composed of cotton, viscose & their blends.

Suitable for sizing of terry towels and surgical fabrics.

Blocks nylon while dyeing nylon / wool blends.

Suitable for all types of textile goods. Effective in presence of electrolytes.

Suitable for disperse and leuco-vat dyeing.

Very effective in disperse dyeing of polyester & triacetate fabrics.

Suitable for vat dyeing. Also suitable for partial stripping of unlevelled / mismatched shades.

Levelling and solubilizing agent in the dyeing of acetate and polyamide fibres with dispersed dyes.

Acid dye leveller for Nylon, effective antiprecipitant for mixed dye baths, migrating agent for disperse dyes.

Levelling & synchronizing agent for dyeing wool, silk, polyamides and their blends.

Promotes disperse dye exhaustion on Polyester.

Stabilizer for diazo salt solutions and bases.

Additive to detergent/soaping liqours that improves rub fastness of azoic dyeing.

Suitable for all dyed textiles.

After treatment agent for improving the wet & water fastness properties of reactive & direct dyeings and prints.

Very effective in neutral/alkaline dye-baths used in cellulosic dyeing.

Dye & pigment dispersant, grinding aid & wetting agent.

Universally applicable low foaming padding auxiliary for continuous and semi-continuous dyeing process, wetting and de-aerating agent for dyeing PES / cotton blends.

Promotes disperse dye fixation during thermal / high temperature steam fixation of prints on polyester.


Suitable for preparation of kerosene emulsion thickening.

Emulsifier for kerosene / water emulsion preparation.

Print paste additive that improves wetting & reduces frothing preventing speckiness.

Binder for solvent free & low solvent pigment printing. Produces dry cleanable prints with extremely soft handle. Compatible with most electrolytes.

Imparts smoothness and lubricity to cellulosics & polyester / cellulosic goods. Does not cause yellowing or discolouration.

Confers soft / smooth handle on cellulosics fibre & blends.

Useful in shredding and xanthation of in rayon staple fibre yarn and cellophnae manufacture. Reduces power and time requirement. In viscose rayon production this helps to keep spinerets clean and to extend coagulation time which allows for production of high tenacity rayon.

Lubricating and wetting agent for cotton spinning.

Improves filterability, minimising incrustation of spinnerettes in Viscose processing.

Lubricant and anti-stat in synthetic fibre preparation.

Maintains nylon spinning uniformly by controlling water absorption. When used with CRISTOL NP-10 facilitates high speed production due to wetting efficiency.

Emulsifiers for mineral oil formulations.

Emulsifier for fatty acids, waxes and oils and also acts as a fibre lubricant and antistat.

Wool lubricant & antistat for high speed yarn finishing.

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