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Fields of brilliant yellow oilseed mustard, rice swaying gently in the breeze, juicy apple – healthy plants and produce are visible proof to farmers of a job well done. And we help them with our knowledge, experience and products.

CRISTOL™ range of agrochemicals are designed to solve pressing crop production problems, boosting agriculture productivity to maximum sustainable levels to keep pace with the growing needs of our world’s rapidly expanding population. We are committed to increasing crop productivity through higher yields and better varieties.

Emulsifiers facilitate the rapid emulsification of emulsifiable concentrates (ECs) in water and aid the stability of the emulsion till it is sprayed on the target surface.

Dispersants facilitate the dispersion and suspension of active particles of dry and liquid flowables in the formulation and the application tank.

Wetting agents lower the surface tension of aqueous solutions and can improve the degree of surface coverage and penetration of the pesticide. Emulsifiers form stable emulsion of an oil or solvent solutions in water, enabling an easy-to-apply tank-mix.

Adjuvants can improve foliar retention and penetration or adjust the tank mix properties to improve the overall effectiveness and efficacy of the pesticide.

CRISTOL™ product majorly comprises of:

Product Description These anionic surfactants are amine salts or metal salts of alkylbenzene sulfonic acids. The alkyl chain is generally linear unless specified.

Anionic Surfactant Description Uses
CRISTOL Ar65 Linear alkyl aryl sulfonate in aromatic solvent EC,EW
CRISTOL Bn70 Linear alkyl aryl sulfonate in n-butanol EC,EW
CRISTOL ARBN Linear alkyl aryl sulfonate in n-butanol and aromatic solvent EC,EW

Anionic Surfactant Description Uses
CRISTOL 3300 Isopropylamine salt based on linear alkyl aryl sulfonate EC,EW,SC

Product Description These agricultural surfactants may be oligomers, polymers or alkoxylates. They are used as dispersants or as dispersant / wetter combinations.
Use & Application
  • Dispersants in WP and WG formulations.
  • Dispersants in aqueous suspension concentrates (SC) and suspoemulsions (SE).
  • Wetter / dispersants in aqueous suspension concentrates.
  • Dispersants for oil based suspensions (OD).


Dispersants Description Uses
CRISTOL BN Sodium salt of alkyl aryl sulfonate. SC
CRISTOL NS Sodium salt of aryl sulfonate. SC,WP
CRISTOL DP-1 Ammonium salt of alky aryl sulfonate WP,SC

Dispersants Description Uses
CRISTOL PWB Non ionic wetter and dispersant WP,SC

Product Description These products can contain any or all types of surfactants or blends. Anionic, nonionic, and cationic surfactants are present in this product family.
Use & Application These products are used as wetting agents or built-in adjuvants in agricultural formulations. They can be used in soluble liquid (SL), suspension concentrate (SC), soluble powder (SP), soluble granule (SG), water dispersible granule (WG), and wettable powder (WP) formulations.

Dispersants Description Uses
CRISTOL CA-15 Alkoxylated amine Herbicide,SL formulation
CRISTOL DP-1 Anionic wetting agent based on alkyl aryl sulfonate. WG, WP, SC formulation
DOSS Sulphosuccinate derivative SC wetter
DOSS-GS Dialkylsulphosuccinate in glycol solvent SC wetter
CRISTOL TAE Ethoxylated tallow amine Glyphoste adjuvant
CRISTOL 245 Alkoxylated decyl alcohol Adjuvant in WSC
CRISTOL T-80 Alkoxylated polyolester Multiple uses
CRISTOL 1086 Alkoxylated polyolester Aqueous dispersant, o/w emulsifier, oil adjuvant emulsifier
CRISTOL CA20 Alkoxylated octadecyl alcohol Adjuvant in WSC

*at 20℃

Product Description These products are nonionic surfactants. Primarily used in blends with each other, they provide the primary emulsifier for emulsifiable concentrates, concentrated emulsions, microemulsions and suspoemulsion formulations. In some cases individual anionic or nonionic surfactants may be used.
Use & Application These surfactants can be used in emulsifiable concentrates (EC), suspoemulsions (SE), emulsions in water (EW), and microemulsions (ME).

Emulsifier Description
CRISTOL NP9 Alkyl aryl alkoxylate
CRISTOL NP10 Alkyl aryl alkoxylate
CRISTOL NP13 Alkyl aryl alkoxylate
CRISTOL NP15 Alkyl aryl alkoxylate


Emulsifier Description
CRISTOL SP Ethoxylated Styrenated Phenol
CRISTOL SPE 1 Alkoxylated Styrenated Phenol
CRISTOL SPE 2 Alkoxylated Styrenated Phenol

Emulsifier Description
CRISTOL 9160 Polyoxyethylene decyl ether
CRISTOL 9180 Polyoxyethylene decyl ether
CRISTOL 1365 Polyoxyethylene tridecyl ether
CRISTOL 1380 Polyoxyethylene tridecyl ether

*C/P 10% in 25% BDG solution

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION CRISTOL PREMIUM is a solvent for agrochemical formulations. It is hydrophobic oil dervied from natural sources and purified by a proprietary process to remove impurities.
  • Solvent / Co-solvent in emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulations.
  • Solvent / Co-solvent in microemulsifiable concentrate formulations.
  • Solvent / Co-solvent in emulsion in water (EW) formulations.
  • Formulation component for tank-mix adjuvancy.



Product Description These are medium molecular weight polymers with multiple branching used for difficult emulsification and dispersion in aqueous and non-aqueous systems
Use & Application These products are specially useful in formulating more challenging crop protection formulations. Emulsion systems which are prone to instability and suspensions where high loading is required without increasing viscosity beyond acceptable limits will find these products useful.

Emulsifier Description
CRISTOL 5000 Polyoxyl alkyl ether
CRISTOL 246 Polyethylene glycol fatty acid ester

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