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Drilling Fluid Chemicals

CRISTOL™ custom formulated drilling fluid systems and additives help operators efficiently maintain well-bore stability, optimise ROP and minimise costs in a range of challenging systems including HPHT wells, both onshore and offshore with an array of viscosifiers, fluid loss control agents, lost circulation material, lubricants etc.
Our extensive portfolio of advanced solutions that are engineered to improve drilling performance and in-depth expertise will help meet all your operational goals!

These additives are low toxic, versatile cloud point glycols for shale control designed for low to high salinity water base systems and can be used in well with low, moderate and high formation temperatures in isolation or in combination with salts and polyamines.

These additives are amine based shale inhibitors, which are formulated to stabilize reactive shales & clays while drilling with water based drilling fluids. These products are highly effective in inhibiting clay swelling, hydration of cuttings and preventing bit balling thereby increasing well stability.

This additive is low toxic & versatile. ROP Enhancer is designed for medium-to-high salinity water based system and can be used in wells with moderate formation temperature. It provides improved well bore stability, resulting in faster drilling rate. In a non-dispersed polymer system, it is most effective when used in conjunction with inhibitive salts like KCI.

These additives are used to reduce the surface tension of water based mud systems and the sticking tendency of water sensitive formations.

These additives are water soluble/dispersible formulations. These are special purpose extreme pressure lubricants used in water based muds to reduce torque, drag & possibility of pipe sticking. These lubricants find their application in highly deviated well bores, where a tough lubricating film is needed between the wall cake and drill string.

These are water soluble / dispersible formulations which when added will reduce the foaming tendency of water based muds.

These products tie up with the H2S in an irreversible reaction preventing the release and thus reduce corrosion and improve safety. These products are designed to control H2S with continuous injections into the mud.

These additives are non-weighted type and are specifically designed to assist in freeing stuck pipes. They free the drill string by penetrating and cracking the filter cake.

Primary Emulsifier
This additive is used to produce a highly stable invert emulsion fluid with excellent emulsion stability, filtration control and temperature stability.

Secondary Emulsifier
This is a multi functional additive, which provides higher stability to primary emulsifier & imparts preferential oil wetting characteristics of solids by the continuous oil phase.

Single Component Oil Based Mud Emulsifier
This innovative single product provides stable emulsification and imparts sufficient oil wetting characteristics to solids and high tolerance for contaminants in oil based mud systems. The product also works well with all of the commonly used internal phase salt solutions. No need to keep inventory separately for primary and secondary emulsifiers any more.

This additive can quickly change the natural water-wetting characteristics of drilled solids & weighting agents in oil based muds, making them preferentially oil-wet. It is used as supplementary oil based mud additive for improving fluid loss properties & emulsion stability.

These additives are anionic acrylic copolymers used in water-based mud systems to control rheological properties and to impart high temperature stability.

This additive is a speciality surfactant used in formulation of spacer fluids, which are used before cementing of oil wells drilled with oil based muds. It is designed to clean up and displace diesel oil or synthetic oil based muds and solids for better cementation.

This additive is a surface-active product that generates stable micro bubbles in the presence of air / nitrogen to develop low specific gravity cement slurry for use in low fracture gradient formation and to arrest seepage / total loss during surface drilling.

These additives are surface-active and generate stable micro bubbles in presence of air in water based drilling fluid to develop specific gravity as low as below 0.8.

This is an advanced polymer based HTHP fluid loss reducing agent / additive, meant for high performance water based drilling fluid systems. It is available in solid as well as in liquid forms. It is thermally stable up to 225°C.

These are Benzalkonium Chloride based Microbiocides. They are used for effective control of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in the oil wells as well as in various other applications.

This is a specialized corrosion inhibitor formulation to control corrosion in Acid Fracturing or Matrix Acidizing. It helps to increase the useful life of the equipment and re-use thereof in future wells. 

It is a specially designed corrosion inhibitor for Gas Pipelines as well as Gas+Oil Pipelines. It is a film forming inhibitor that gets adsorbed on the metal surface and inhibits corrosive reaction between corroding media and the pipeline material.

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