Wetting Agent

Oil-based drilling muds show improvements over standard water muds in the areas of increased drilling rate and bit life, reduction in hole problems, reduction in torque, less sticking of pipe, and less hole enlargement. Special emulsifiers and additives are used in these drilling fluid systems to provide a host of functions, including emulsification, oil wetting, viscosity & fluid loss controls. Wetting Agent Chemicals are designed to wet materials and drill solids to prevent water-wet solids. They improve thermal stability, rheological stability, filtration control and emulsion stability while improving the fluid’s resistance to contamination. Available for all kinds of base oils (Diesel oils, mineral oils, synthetic oils).

KAPL is a wetting agent supplier for Oilfield applications. CRISTOL Wetting Agents can quickly change the natural water‐wetting characteristics of drilled solids and weighting agents in oil muds, making them preferentially oil‐wetting agent. They can be used as supplementary oil mud additives for improving flow properties and emulsion stability. With their oil wetting characteristics, they can be used in the preparation and maintenance of all oil‐based drilling and completion fluids.


  • Promote oil‐wetting of solids in oil‐based muds.
  • Increases the resistance of oil‐based muds to water contamination.
  • Reduces the inter‐particle forces when formulating very high density oil‐based fluids.


  • Acts as a secondary emulsifier.
  • Improves flow properties.

Coats the surfaces of shale and other solids.