Wetting Agent Manufacturers

Adjuvants are materials added to crop protection products or agrochemicals to enhance the efficacy of active ingredients and improve the overall performance of the product. Adjuvant is a broad term describing any additive to a spray tank that enhances pesticide activity.  Adjuvants can determine how well a pesticide works.

  They can enhance physicochemical properties improving the spray solution stability or reducing application costs. The enhancements include improved wettability, adhesion, and spreading of spray droplets. This contributes to better retention, absorption, and/or penetration of the active ingredient into the plant. As a result, an increase in productivity and profitability to the farmer can be expected. Adjuvants can be incorporated into a formulation  or can be added separately into the spray tank alongside other agrochemical products (tank mix adjuvant). Different types of adjuvants offer various benefits and advantages, which are achieved through adjuvant processes such as Spray formation, Spray retention, Wetting, Deposit formation, Uptake. Ideally, spray droplets should cover as much of the surface of a target as possible, distributing the active ingredient evenly. Wetting agents can be included to reduce surface tension and contact angle, leading to enhanced coverage. KAPL as wetting agent manufacturer in india engineered wide variety of formulations as per your requirement.