VISCOSITY INDEX IMPROVER for Hydraulic and Gear Oils

Viscosity Index Improvers are polymer additives that reduce the impact of increasing temperature on the viscosity of lubricants. These change the viscosity – temperature relationship of a fluid to temper the natural tendency of fluids to thin with increasing temperature and to thicken at lower temperatures. In essence, VI improvers optimize the rheological properties of the lubricants and enable lubricant formulators to expand the temperature operating window of their products.

KAPL is Viscosity Index Manufacturer. These are high performance PMA based Viscosity Index Improvers for formulating the lubricants. These provide excellent shear stability and retention of oil viscosity at high temperatures.

The addition of CRISTOL VI to base oil in the lubricants, results in the interaction (diffusion) of the oil into the space around the polymer molecules. CRISTOL VII – 200 acts through swelling of the polymer chain as the temperature rises to offset the decrease in base oil viscosity.


  • Helps maintain viscosity profile of the Lubricants over a range of temperature
  • The low shear stability to maximize performance and minimize cost in multigrade hydraulic oils
  • Facilitates the flexibility to use Group I and Group II base oils in many applications
  • Gives performance at lower treat cost hence, cost effective
  • Easily miscible with lubricants and good handling characteristics