Surfactant For Spacer Fluids

Spacer fluids are used in the oil industry to displace and separate different fluids. Their purpose is to minimize the contact or mixing of the two fluids. Their major applications include:

  • Separating cement from drilling fluids.
  • Separating oil-based drilling fluids from water-based drilling fluids.
  • The addition of the surfactant also helps prevent the formation of highly viscous emulsions that could affect fluid transport and increase pumping pressure.
  • Preventing dilution of chemical treating solutions.

CRISTOL-SPACER Surfactants are used as surfactants in the formulation of spacer fluids used before cementing of well drilled with Oil Based Mud. These are designed to clean up and displace oil and synthetic base mud & solids. It is also used in balanced displacement of water-based mud.


  • Facilitates suspension of drilling mud residue and other deposits that could damage formation
  • Can be dispersed in heavy brines to provide the means for weighted spacer
  • Is unaffected by normal levels of calcium, magnesium or barium ions found in most solution makeup waters