Rop Enhancers

Present day drilling requires trouble free smooth drilling in order to economize the overall costs. Accordingly several technological innovations have been made to achieve faster drilling by increasing ROP. New generation chemical additives have been developed in such a way that when added in drilling fluid it helps to increase ROP under standard drilling condition.

CRISTOL DRILFAST is one of such innovative products that has been developed after years of drilling experience coupled with  strong understanding on advanced chemistry. This product is a result of long R & D efforts on application of polymer chemistry and long chain fatty acid derivative with detailed understanding of the role of downhole stabilization techniques on problematic formations by the product. This product is water dispersible and is recommended for smooth and fast drilling in water based drilling fluid systems. CRISTOL DRILFAST is a low toxic, versatile, ROP Enhancer designed for medium- to- high salinity water level system and can be used in wells with moderate formation temperature. It can provide improved well bore stability, lubricity, filtration control, plus reduce dilution rates and bit balling. In a non-dispersed polymer system, it is most effective when used in conjunction with inhibitive salts like KCl.

Advantages of addition of the product are –

  1. Stabilization of problematic downhole shale formations.
  2. Wettability Change in  characteristics of metallic parts resulting clean bottomhole assembly.
  3. Improved  lubrication characteristics of drilling mud resulting in reduction of  torque, drag or overpulls.

All these attribute to increased drilling efficiency resulting higher drilling penetration rates and savings in costly rigtime.