KAPL is a Deoiler / Reverse Emulsiifer Manufacturer in India. Our Deoiler coagulants are medium molecular weight, liquid cationic polyelectrolytes that are effective as a primary coagulant, coagulant aid, filtration aid or as a flocculant aid. They are used to increase the efficiency of settling, clarification, filtration and centrifugation operations.


CRISTOL coagulants are recommended for the following liquid – solid separation processes:

  • Dewatering – oilfield drilling muds dewatering coagulant
  • Demulsification – demulsifies oily waste waters and emulsions
  • Thickening of concentrate; settling of fines; water recycling – in Mining operations
  • Biological treatment of effluent; sludge handling – in Dairy Industry
  • Sludge treatment – Municipal sewage

Water clarification – for improved water quality by reducing suspended solids and turbidity

  • Gravity settling – improves floc formation yielding faster settling rates
  • Dissolved air flotation – clearer underflows or subnatant, increased float solids, and greater throughout
  • Belt filter presses, centrifuge, screw press dewatering – for use as the primary coagulant in dual polymer programs to increase production rates, cake solids and solids capture
  • Filtration – improves filtered water quality and plant throughout


  • Substantial reduction in consumption of alum and other inorganic coagulants
  • East to apply, pouring liquid simplifies dilution, feed and handling operations
  • Effective in chlorinated operations
  • Effective over a wide pH range and eliminates the need for post-treatment pH adjustment
  • Effective in clarification of low turbidity, high color waters
  • Immediately soluble at all concentrations