Wax precipitation causes several challenges during oil extraction and pipeline transportation of waxy crude oils, including wax deposition, plugging of the pipeline, which collectively, adversely impacts pipeline performance.

Pour Point Depressants/Crude Oil Flow Improvers are a range of polymeric additives used to improve cold flow properties of waxy crude oils. These additives reduce the agglomeration and promotes the dispersion of wax crystals which appear in crude oils at low temperature. This in turn, prevents the building of waxy deposits on the pipeline walls.

CRISTOL PPD  Series products also help to decrease the dynamic viscosity of the crude oils at low temperatures and improve their pumpability. Pour Point depressant chemicals  are polymers containing long chain with pendant side chains giving it a comb structure. The waxes crystallize with the side chains of the Pour Point Depressants and get localized. This prevents the waxes from forming a continuous three-dimensional network, thus resulting in a large free space, which is available for the liquid fraction of the crude oil to flow freely. As a result of this, the pour point gets reduced and the rheological properties are improved.

Benefits :

  • Minimizes wax deposition in storage tanks and pipelines
  • Improves flow characteristics in the pipeline
  • Decreases operating pressures
  • Increases pipeline profits
  • Obviating the need for extra stations and loops
  • High activity, low viscosity
  • Higher Flash Points
  • Contains no metals, halogens or sulphur
  • Completely organic and ash free