Polyols are used by Polyurethane industry to make polyurethane foam. Polyols are compounds with multiple hydroxyl functional groups available for organic reactions. Monomers such as glycerine, ethylene glycol, pentaerythriol and sucrose are reacted with ethylene oxide or propylene oxide to form polyether polyol & with dibasic acid these monomers are reacted to form polyester polyol.

CRISTOLâ„¢ Offers Polyols for both rigid foams and flexible pu foams

1.Polyether Polyol for Flexible Slab Stock PU FoamPolyether polyols are chemicals used by polyurethane industry primarly to produce products such as flexible and moulded foam for beddings, mattresses & upholstered furniture.
2.Polyether polyol for Rigid PU foamHigh Resilience Molded Polyol is a tri functional base polyol. These chemicals are used by polyurethane industry to produce flexible and molded foam for Multiple Auto motives, Transportation & Upholstered Appliances.
3.Polyester polyol for Rigid PU foamPolyether Polyols find wide application in the polyurethane industry in the production of flexible foam for Superior quality Footwear.
4.Formulated PolyolPolyols have vast utilization in the Automotive Industry. These chemicals are used by to produce flexible and molded foam for Multiple Auto motives & Transportation.
4.Polymeric PolyolPolymeric Polyols are generally used to produce other polymers. They are reacted with isocynates to make polyurethanes for various accomplishments such as high load bearing flexible slab stock PU Foam, mattresses and furniture. It can also be blended with base polyols such as polyether polyol to meet a variety of foam hardness requirements.
6.Polyether Polyol for rigid PU foam
Polyether Polyol is used in making rigid and semi-rigid PU foam. It is manufactured by ethoxylation/propoxylation of a polyhydric alcohol in the presence of a catalyst. Polyether Polyols are used for Pipe Insulation, Pipe Supports, Discontinuous Sandwich Panels & Blocks and Continuous Sandwich Panels
7.Polyester PolyolPolyester Polyol is used in the making of rigid and semi-rigid PU foam. Polyester Polyols are used as a base component for the formulation of blended polyols. They are used for Pipe Insulation with Fire Retardant & as Low Density Discontinuous Sandwich Panels
8.Sucrose Based PolyolSucrose Based Polyol is used in making rigid and semi-rigid PU foam. Rigid polyurethane foams made from sucrose based polyols are desirable since they can easily be fire-retarded. These polyols are widely used in Thermal Insulation & for Decorative and Structural Paneling
9.Blended PolyolBlended polyol is a combination of base polyol with other surfactants and adhesives. It is used in making of rigid and semi-rigid PU foam, finding wide application in: Insulation in Thermo ware & Casseroles, Solar Panels, High Density Polyol, Spray Insulation, Wood Insulation, Cold Storage Insulation, Pour- in place Insulation, In-situ Insulation, Buoyancy Material for Ships & Solar water heaters etc.
10.Polypropylene GlycolPolypropylene Glycol Polyol (PPG) is an alcohol containing multiple hydroxyl groups and available for organic reactions. It is used in production of Solid and micro molecular urethane elastomers and adhesives. This chemical is used in Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants & Elastomers.