Polyamine Shale Stabilizers

Drilling, Stimulation or fracturing operations in Shales and other clay containing formations always pose

challenges for economic activity. Various Shale stabilizing, controlling products are being used worldwide to mitigate this issue. Common products like polyamines, various grades of clouding and non-clouding polyols, etc. are commonly in use in water based drilling fluids. KAPL is a manufacturer of a broad range of  Shale Stabilizers, that are proven to yield remarkable results in controlling shale/clay hydration related complications during operations. CRISTOL Shale Inhibitors are formulated to stabilize reactive shales and clays while drilling with water based drilling fluids. These products are highly effective in inhibiting clay swelling and hydration of cuttings, preventing bit balling and reducing torque and drag. They can be used in off shore drilling environments. They minimize viscosity increased due the incorporation of reactive solids reducing dilution rates.

The advantages of using CRISTOL Shale Stabilizers are:

  • High performance.
  • Highly soluble material which can be used in all environment and doesn’t suffer from crystallisation issues when used in brine solution in cold climates.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Seals small fractures in stressed shale formation
  • Reduces Disintegration of cuttings
  • Improves Lubricity, thereby, reduces torque and Drag
  • Reduces bit balling by oil wetting the well string
  • Compatible with brine, calcium chloride, KCl solutions as well as other well known fracturing fluids, cosslinkers and breakers.
  • It is a chloride free solution for the clay swelling problem.