Pipe Freeing Agent

During the drilling operation, the drill string may become stuck and cannot be raised, lowered or rotated. The most commonly used method to release stuck pipe is the spotting of an oil mud in the hole opposite the stuck interval. With time, the isolated area between the drill pipe and borehole is reduced by the oil mud. Also, oil invasion into the mud cake reduces the adhesive forces and lubricates the area between the pipe and borehole resulting in less friction and quicker release. KAPL is a manufacturer of Pipe Freeing Agents/ Stuck Pipe additives. CRISTOL Pipe-freeing agent is specifically designed to assist in freeing stuck pipe. It lubricates and dehydrates filter cake from water-based fluids to aid in breaking the cake apart to help alleviate differentially stuck drill pipe. It is a multi functional additive that produces a highly stable invert emulsion fluid which is very effective in freeing stuck pipes. It helps prevent interfacial thickening of oil-based mud and cement during cementing and helps emulsify water into oil-based.


  • Thermally stable at temperatures up to 400°F (205°C).
  • be formulated with varying oil/water ratios.