Waxes are natural constituents of crude oils and most gas condensates. These are mostly, long chain n-alkanes and small amounts of branched paraffins, and aromatic compounds. Wax deposition during crude oil production and transportation is one of the most serious problems faced in downhole and surface operations, creating two major concerns – technical and economic.

Technical issues associated with wax deposition include:

  • Permeability reduction and formation damage when it occurs around the wellbore and its vicinity
  • Reduction in the interior diameter and eventual plugging of production strings and flow lines
  • Additional strain on pumping equipment owing to increased pressure drop along flow lines
  • Limiting influence on the operating capacity of the entire production system

CRISTOL Wax Dispersants are high performance wax dispersants for applications in Crude oil production and transportation. These interact with the wax to modify or interfere with its crystallization process and prevent further wax growth by covering sites where, new wax molecules would attach.

CRISTOL WD have been proven to act as excellent Wax Dispersants and also help to lower pour point in waxy crude oils. These should be added to the system before bulk oil temperature drops below the Wax Appearance Temperature (WAT). In crude oils, application of CRISTOL Wax Dispersants can lead to:

  • Excellent wax inhibition efficiency
  • Reduction in Viscosity
  • Reduction in pour point of crude

Inhibited deposition of waxes in the tubing, flow lines and oil processing facilities