Octane number is a gasoline rating that indicates how much fuel can be compressed for smooth combustion of the fuel in the cylinder. High-performance, high-compression engines often require higher octane fuel than normal passenger’s cars. If the gasoline used does not have a sufficiently high Research Octane Number (RON), the mixture burns non-uniformly resulting in knocking of engine.

Usage of CRISTOL Octane Boosters as gasoline blending components increases the RON of the base fuel; enabling Refiners to maximize gasoline production and upgrade low value streams. Our Octane Booster chemicals have the best octane booster chemistry economically.

CRISTOL Octane Booster Series are an environment friendly, non-metallic octane booster for gasoline comes with organic origin that can increase the octane rating of Gasoline/MS used in all type of vehicles including those with high performance and competition engines. As the best octane booster, it substantially increases the RON of Gasoline, thus reducing the likelihood of knocking.


Improves gasoline research octane number effectively by 5-6 units at recommended dosages.

Free from poisonous metal components like lead, manganese, etc. It also does not contain any ethers and is completely organic.

Does not alter physical properties of MS fuel e.g. RVP, Distillation, Recovery, Benzene content, etc.

Ensures conservation of fuel/ energy and reduction in environmental pollution by minimizing presence of unburnt hydrocarbon in engine exhaust.

Good stability and shelf-life.