Multifunctional additive for gasoline is a formulation package is used to meet the challenges of modern Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG) technology, whilst continuing to deliver excellent performance in traditional Port Fuel Injection (PFI) engine platform. CRISTOL MFA is complete performance package for gasoline. It works as antioxidant, hence enhance gasoline stability and inhibit its tendency to deteriorate in storage. It works as friction modifier, hence improve fuel economy. It protects from corrosion and therefore essential for the reliable operation and long life of fuel storage tanks, fuel distribution pipelines and vehicle fuel systems. It prevents the blended fuel and package formulation from forming emulsion with any water contracted within fuel distribution systems. This modify the interfacial tension viscosity or film elasticity of water droplets within a fuel emulsion.


Primary benefits includes:

  • Enhance stability and performance
  • Enhanced fuel economy
  • Enhanced engine life
  • Good demulsibility
  • Corrosion protection

Secondary benefits includes:

  • Improves octane number
  • Maximized power and acceleration