CRISTOLTM lubricant additives protect machinery, extend the life of lubricants and help achieve sustainability goals for fuel efficiency. CRISTOLTM, one of the leading lubricant additives suppliers in india, provides a range of lubricant additives engineered to improve lubricant performance.

1ANTIOXIDANTS/STABILIZERSThese additives terminate free radical chain reactions and prevent oxidation degradation without affecting other properties of the fuel.
2POUR POINT DEPRESSANTSThese additives are used to maintain fluidity of lubricants at lower temperatures and thus help expand their operating temperature range by interfering in the higher hydrocarbon crystallization process. They are recommended for use in a wide variety of lubricants including engine, ‘hydraulic and gear oils.
3.VISCOSITY INDEX IMPROVER for Hydraulic and Gear OilsThese are polymeric molecules that are sensitive to temperature. At low temperatures, the molecule chain contracts and does not impact the fluid viscosity. At high temperatures, the chain relaxes and an increase in viscosity occurs.
4.EXTREME PRESSURE/ ANTIWEAR ADDITIVESThese additives under extreme pressure and temperature reacts with metal surfaces and form a protective coating which can withstand extreme heat and pressure caused by continuous contact of metal surfaces. Antiwear agents perform in a similar manner but tend to operate under lower loads & pressure.
5.EMULSIFIERS FOR SOLUBLE CUTTING OILThese additives are compatible with a wide range of base oils used for machining operations. Depending upon the desired quality/ specification of the cutting oil & its emulsion, custom designing of suitable emulsifier package which can be done to optimize emulsion stability.
6. EMULSIFIERS FOR CONING OILThese are specially formulated oil soluble emulsifiers for making soluble oils for applications in fibre, textile machines and machine industries. It is compatible with all types of paraffinic base oils having viscosity of SN 70 to SN 150.
7. EMULSIFIERS FOR AGRICULTURAL SPRAY OILThese are tailor made “Emulsifier” packages especially formulated from biodegradable eco-friendly surface active agents for use in “Mineral Oil Base Agricultural Spray Oils”.