HTHP Fluid Loss Reducing Additives

Excessive fluid loss in water-based mud system causes borehole instability and formation damage. This phenomena gets aggravated in case of high temperature high pressure wells. With advancement in modern day polymer chemistry, a special type of high molecular weight polymer has been developed by KAPL to reduce high temperature high pressure fluid loss and also to improve borehole stability. The function of the fluid loss control agents is to delay, prevent or at least limit as far as possible fluid losses that may be sustained by the drilling fluids during the drilling operation.

KAPL is a HTHP Fluid Loss Reducing Polymer Manufacturer. CRISTOL Fluid Loss Reducing Polymer/Additive (FLP) is an advanced polymer based HTHP fluid loss reducing polymer. It is recommended for use in high performance water-based drilling fluid systems. It is compatible with all commonly used water base mud additives. It reduces API and HPHT (hot rolled at 225˚C temperature) fluid loss in laboratory test.


  • Thermally stable up to 225˚C
  • Improves borehole stability
  • Improves filter cake quality and reduces wall cake thickness.
  • The product when tested for fluid loss after hot rolling exposed at 225˚C in roller over for 16 hours reduces both the API as well as HT-HP fluid loss.