H2S Scavanger Scale Inhibitor

Hydrogen sulfide is a serious and potentially lethal hazard in both upstream and downstream oil and gas industry. H2S is a highly corrosive gas, reacts with steel in wells and pipelines and can cause stress corrosion cracking, pitting and also deposition of iron-sulfide scales.

In Reservoirs, H2S can be generated by –

  • Bacterial sulphate reduction by indigenous sulphate – reducing bacteria (SRBs)
  • Thermal Cracking
  • Thermo-chemical sulphate reduction

The application of hydrogen sulfide scavengers is a widely adopted practice in production and processing operations in the Oil and Gas Industry.

CRISTOL SHS (SI) Series help to remove H2S as well as scale problem in an economic way.

CRISTOL SHS (SI) is a triazine based water-soluble formulation which scavenges hydrogen

sulphide and inhibits scale selectively, effectively and irreversibly. Additionally, this formulation contains scale inhibitor to address systems with possible scaling potential arising due to calcium carbonate precipitation. It gives an instantaneous reaction with H2S and the by-products are water soluble and are removed with the water in the system. These products are designed to control H2S and scale with bubble tower applications and/or continuous injections into the wellhead, infield or other transmission lines. Advantages of CRISTOL H2S Scavenger with Scale Inhibitor are:

  • Feature an instantaneous reaction with hydrogen sulfide and very effective even
  • at low dosage rates.
  • Chemically tie up with the H2S in an irreversible reaction preventing the
  • release, even if pH drops.
  • Reduce corrosion
  • Contains scale inhibitor to control calcium carbonate precipitation.
  • No negative impact on downstream operations.
  • Improve water quality and reduces line plugging tendencies by preventing iron sulfide generation.