Foam Control Agents

Unwanted foams result because of surfactants and additives found in various oilfield formulations including drilling muds, refinery and production applications. Increased foam is a challenge as it can reduce total capacity production volumes, reduce volume outputs and increase operational costs. An effective way to disrupt foam formation is to introduce a foam control agent into the system. Foam Control agent/ prevent or reduce the foaming tendencies of cement and other oil field application when it is mixed with air entrainment. This is necessary because the

properties of cement slurries and the set cement depend on the water / cement ratio. Most field mixers determine the ratio by measuring the density of the slurry, so entrained air causes the slurry to be mixed at improper ratios. KAPL is a foaming control agent manufacturer, our defoamers play a key role in controlling foams throughout downstream, midstream and upstream processes. Our CRISTOL Series Defoamers function by spreading over the gas/liquid interfaces, thereby preventing foam forming materials from coming to the surface and providing a surface layer which will not sustain foam.

Advantages of our foamers include:

  • Effortless underbalanced drilling
  • Depleted and unconsolidated formations
  • Efficient stimulation
  • Diverting fluids from already treated zones
  • Rapid clean-up of low pressure formations
  • Easy removal of liquids and unwanted solids