Foam drilling combines the best characteristics of both air and mud drilling. Drilling foam increases the ability to lift cuttings with air, while creating borehole stability similar to mud. Foams for drilling are engineered with a specific job in mind: to create a tiny, strong bubble capable of withstanding rigorous downhole conditions and carry drill solids from the bit to the surface. Foaming agent is an anionic surfactant which can be added to fresh water for air/foam, air/gel-foam, or mist drilling applications.

KAPL is a manufacturer and supplier of Stable Foaming agent for Drilling fluids. CRISTOL Foaming Agents are anionic surfactants which develop micro bubbles for water-based drilling fluids. This product performs well at 110˚C


  • It helps to develop sub‐hydrostatic drilling fluid ( < 0.8 ) through formation of stable

micro bubbles

  • It helps to arrest surface seepage losses during drilling of well
  • It is recommended for drilling low fracture gradient / depleted formations
  • It helps in reducing mud loss problem in drilling