Extreme Pressure Lubricants

As the search for oil now requires the drilling of extremely deep and highly, deviated/horizontal wells often located offshore, in the arctic or in difficult earth formations, increasing emphasis is being placed on improved specially designed formulations, to improve the lubricity and wear characteristics of water based muds. Extreme Pressure lubricants are the special type of additives when mixed in drilling fluids imparts lubricating properties into metal & metal to borehole contacts under extreme pressure conditions. These are specially used in directional & crooked holes, deeper holes and packed hole where frictional forces tend to be relatively high to reduce the loss of mechanical power. KAPL is an Exreme Pressure Lubricants Supplier. KAPL’s EP Lubricant Series products are used to impart extreme pressure lubricating properties to water-based drilling fluids. It readily absorbs on exposed surfaces to help provide a chemical film that can effectively reduce metal-to-metal friction. These help reduce the wear on metal parts, help reduce torque in high angle or horizontal drilling applications and can provide lubrication when higher than normal weight on bit and drillpipe rotational speeds occur. CRISTOL EP Lubricants mixes well with other lubricants for synergistic lubricating effects. Various advantages of using CRISTOL EP Lubricants are :

  • Reduction in drill rod torque and drag
  • Lubrication of drill rods and casing in close tolerance boreholes
  • Reduction in heat generated at bit face
  • Tolerance Enhancement of chemical contaminations in drilling fluids
  • Minimization of differential sticking
  • Mitigation of drill string corrosion