Once poured into the engine, an automotive lubricant fluid undergoes oxidation in air due to a number of factors including heat, severe pressure and the presence of metal. This results in the decomposition of lubricant basestocks and additives that can lead to wear of equipment and ineffectiveness of the fluid.

KAPL’s extreme pressure Lubricants/anti-wear additive prevents such instability conditions and provides antiwear functionality to the lubricant system. CRISTOL Extreme pressure additive is an effective liquid aryl stabilizer, which improves the antiwear and antifriction characteristics in Lubricants. Besides this, it acts synergistically with primary antioxidants and other antiwear additives to impart superior performance to the fluid. It acts by specifically decomposing peroxide radicals which cause instability in Lubricant Oils. Its low viscosity allows for easy handling and blending to make extreme pressure oils/ antiwear lubricating oils.

CRISTOL Antiwear additive:

  • It can be compounded with detergents and dispersants to provide high anti-wear properties in high speed engine oil.
  • It can also be compounded with other additives for applications in anti-wear hydraulic oils.