Agricultural / Horticultural Spray Oils are applied to orchards / vineyards, during winter and summer either neat or in emulsifiable form to control scales, mites, pests and diseases. Emulsifiable Spray Oils are proven to be superior to Neat Spray Oils in their efficacy to control scales, mites, pests and diseases to give improved quality of harvested fruit and increased yields.

Emulsifiable Spray Oil is fortified with surface active agents – popularly known as “Emulsifier”, which imparts additional desirable properties to spray oil, thereby, improving its efficacy or performance to give increased yields of good quality fruits. The “Emulsifier”, in Emulsifiable Agricultural oil spray plays critical and important role because ultimate efficacy or performance of spray oil depends upon its characteristics such as wetting and spreading action, uniform droplet size of spray and drift reduction of spray under windy conditions.

CRISTOL Emulsifier for Agricutlural Spray Oil is tailor made “Emulsifier” package especially formulated from biodegradable eco-friendly surface active agents for use in “Mineral Oil Base Agricultural Spray Oils“.

Features :

  • Economical (Dosage 10-11%)
  • Cost Effective (Improved fruit quality and increased yield)
  • Biodegradable and Eco-friendly (Non-toxic / Non-hazardous) – Safe choice.
  • Imparts Effective Wetting and Spreading Action.

Excellent Spray characteristics like:

  • Uniform droplet size and stable spray
  • Maximum target coverage due to fast spreading action
  • Reduced drift under windy conditions