Emulsifier Oil Based Mud

As the total reserves of oil diminish, it has become necessary to drill in areas which were previously inaccessible due to technological or economic difficulties. This has led to the development of increasing sophisticated drilling fluids and in particular to the widespread use of oil-based fluids. These have a number of advantages over conventional water-based drilling fluids. Oil-based fluids are less prone to thermal degradation than water-based fluids and as a result are used to drill deep hot holes. Emulsifiers are required to form a stable dispersion of water droplets in an oil phase (invert emulsion mud) and to maintain any solids, for example weighting materials such as barytes or solids encountered during drilling in an oil-wet state. KAPL manufactures emulsifiers that effectively promote stability by reducing the interfacial tension between water and oil.

These emulsifiers surround water droplets, like an encapsulating film, with the fatty acid component extending into the oil phase.

CRISTOL Emulsifiers are offered in two varieties: categorized as

  1. Single Component Emulsifiers
  2. Dual Component – Primary and Secondary Emulsifiers

CRISTOL Emulsifiers exhibit excellent emulsion stability, preferential wetting of solids by the continuous oil phase, filtration control and temperature stability. The oil phase may be diesel oil, mineral oil or any type of synthetic fluids; the water phase should preferably be a calcium chloride brine.


  • extremely effective over a wide range of oil/water ratios and mud weights.
  • helps to maintain high temperature, high pressure filtrate in a water-free state.
  • improves the wettability by the oil of the solids dispersed in the invert emulsion mud.
  • can be used over a wide temperature range as well as in the presence of most contaminants