Drilling Detergent

Efficiently extracting every drop of oil from old, underperforming, or otherwise delicate wells is especially important. Maintaining the integrity of new and reliable wells is also vital. The use of drilling detergents has been a common practice in the oil drilling industry to help achieve the aforementioned goals. Drilling detergents can improve the thermal stability, lubricity, and integrity of well-bores. These benefits can lead to incredible savings. Detergents also aid in the enhancement of water flooding techniques, act as effective surfactants, and are used as cleaning agents for rig wash and other applications that rely on cleanliness for safety and efficiency.

KAPL is a drilling detergent manufacturer and have developed and commercialized a range of Drilling detergents with superior dispersion and detergent ability.  CRISTOL DrillDet additives reduce the surface tension of water-based mud systems and the sticking tendency of water sensitive cuttings. It reduces bit balling, mud rings, friction, torque and increases penetration rate. It also promotes the settling of sand and reduces pump pressure. CRISTOL DRILLDET additive is used in most drilling industries. It can be used alone or in conjunction with most mud additives. CRISTOL DRILLDET ACE directly down the drill pipe as required. Advantages of CRISTOL Drilldet include

  • Minimizes bit and BHA balling
  • Reduces the surface tension of the liquid phase, helping to drop sand and remove drill solids
  • Improves water-wetting action on all solids and reduces the sticking tendency of reactive shale cuttings
  • Functions as an emulsifier, reducing the viscosity of oil-contaminated fluids

Is effective in all water-based mud systems