CRISTOLTM  custom formulated drilling fluid systems and additives help operators efficiently maintain wellbore stability, optimize ROP and minimize cost in a range of challenging systems including HPHT wells, both onshore and offshore.

With an array of viscosifiers, fluid loss control agents, lost circulation material, lubricants etc., KAPL’s, one of the leading drilling chemicals manufacturers in india, extensive portfolio of advanced solutions engineered to improve drilling performance and in-depth expertise, help meet all your operational goals!

1CLOUD POINT GLYCOLS/ SHALE INHIBITORS/LUBRICANTSThese additives are low toxic, versatile cloud point glycols for shale control designed for low to salinity water level system and can be used in well with low, moderate and high formation temperature and isolation or in combination with salts and polyamines.
2POLYAMINE BASED SHALE STABILIZERSThese additives are amine based shale inhibitor which are formulated to stabilize reactive shales & clays while drilling with water based drilling fluids. These products are highly effective in inhibiting clay swelling and hydration of cuttings, preventing bit balling and reducing torque and drag.
3ROP ENHANCERSThis additive is low toxic, versatile, ROP Enhancer designed for medium- to -high salinity water level system and can be used in wells with moderate formation temperature. It can provide improved well bore stability, lubricity, high temperature filtration control, plus reduced dilution rates and bit balling. In a non – dispersed polymer system, it is most effective when used in conjunction with inhibitive salts like KCI.
4EXTREME PRESSURE LUBRICANTSThese additives are general and special purpose extreme pressure lubricants which are used to reduce the torque, drag and possibility of wall sticking. These lubricants find their application in highly deviated well bores, where a tough lubricating film is needed between the wall cake and drill string.
5FOAM CONTROL AGENTS/DEFOAMERS/ANTIFOAMS.An effective way to disrupt foam formation is to introduce a foam control surfactant into the system. A defoamer or antifoam functions by spreading over the gas/ liquid interfaces, thereby preventing foam forming materials from coming to the surface and providing a surface layer which will not sustain foam.
6DRILLING DETERGENTSThese additives are used to reduce the surface tension of water based mud systems and the sticking tendency of water sensitive formulations.
7H2S SCAVENGERSThese tie up with the H2S in an irreversible reaction preventing the release and thus reduces corrosion leading to improved safety. These products are designed to control H2S with bubble tower applications and/or continuous injections into the wellhead, infield or other transmission lines.
8H2S SCAVANGER WITH SCALE INHIBITORThis product is formulated to give excellent H2S scavenging characteristic with scale inhibition. It features an instantaneous reaction with hydrogen sulfide and is very effective even at low dosage rates. It effectively controls the scaling problem without any negative impact on downstream operations.

These additives are used to produce a highly stable invert emulsion fluid with excellent emulsion stability.


These additives are multi-functional which provide higher stability to primary emulsifier & imparts preferential wetting of solids by the continuous oil phase.


It provides good and stable emulsification imparts sufficient oil wetting characteristics of solids and high tolerance for contaminants. The product also works well with all of the commonly used internal phase salt solutions.

10WETTING AGENTSThese additives can quickly change the natural water- wetting characteristics of drilled solids and weighting agents in oil muds, making them preferentially oil-wetting. They are used as supplementary oil mud additive for improving fluid loss properties and emulsion stability.
11PIPE FREEING AGENTSThese additives are specifically designed to assist in freeing stuck pipes. It lubricates and dehydrates filter cake from water- based fluids to aid in creating cracks in the mud cake to help alleviate deferentially stuck drill pipes.

(Regular/ High Temp. & high Pressure)

These additives are anionic acrylic co-polymers used in water-based mud systems to control rheological properties and to impart high temperature stability.
13EMULSIFIER FOR INVENT EMULSIONSThese additives provide excellent water-in-oil emulsion especially with high water percentage and high electrolyte concentration. These can be used alongwith primary and secondary emulsifiers.
14SURFACTANT FOR SPACER FLUIDSThese additives are specialty surfactants used in formulation of spacers used before cementing of oil wells drilled with oil based muds. It is designed to clean up and displace oil and synthetic based muds and solids for better cementation.
15STABLE FOAMING AGENT FOR DRILLING FLUIDSThese additives are surface active products and generates stable micro bubbles in presence of air to develop specific gravity as low as below 0.8. It is a water based drilling fluid.
16HTHP FLUID LOSS REDUCING ADDITIVESThis is an advance polymer based HTHP fluid, loss reducing agent/additive, meant for high performance water based drilling fluid systems. It is available in solid as well as liquid forms. It is designed to be stable upto 225’C.