The most important objective of any oil production facility is the separation of water from produced crude. The quick and efficient breaking of these emulsions is essential to meet tight downstream crude oil specifications. In general crude oil is produced as a water-in-oil emulsion and demulsifiers are necessary for breaking such emulsions. The factors involved in treating emulsions include breaking the film surrounding the small water droplets and coalescing the droplets to produce larger drops. Finally the water drops settle during or after their coalescence.

KAPL is a Demulsifier Manufacturer/Supplier in India. Demulsifiers are an indispensable group of chemicals that allow the oil producer to economically remove the emulsified water from the crude oil. Demulsifiers have contributed more to the continuous development and exploitation of oil reserves than any other form of chemical treatment. Demulsifiers tend to act on the emulsion by:

  • Coalescence of the water droplets
  • Flocculation of oil droplets
  • Dropping of the water

Our Demulsifiers are capable of treating a wide range of emulsions under the most demanding field conditions including short residence times, high turbulence, high solid loadings, low temperature and high water content.

Benefits :

  • Outstanding, rapid water separation, particularly in heavy oil applications
  • Reduced treating costs & smoother operation
  • Excellent low temperature performance
  • Improved downstream operations
  • Drier oil, cleaner water and sharper interface
  • A superior environmental profile