Deflocculants Thinner Manufacturers

In water-based drilling mud system, Flocculation of clays, polymers or other small charged particles is considered a very serious problem. Thus, during the formulation of drilling fluids, it is common to add a material known as a Deflocculant/Thinner. These deflocculants are usually materials capable of neutralizing positive edge charges of clay particles. Interparticle attractions due to positive edge charges are considered to be the cause of the flocculation of the active components of the fluid. KAPL is a thinner manufacturer/thinner supplier.

CRISTOL Deflocculant/Thinner is an anionic, low molecular weight liquid co‐polymer used as a deflocculant in water-based drilling fluids. It deflocculates aggregated particles by surface adsorption. This product is highly stable upto elevated temperatures of 225°C (437 °F) and is also moderately tolerant to calcium.


  • used to help control the rheology of drilling fluids by reducing viscosity and gel strengths.
  • tolerant to contaminants, thus it is an excellent additive for drilling.


  • It is a cost effective replacement for toxic heavy metal lignosulfonates, lignites and tannins.
  • The addition of this product minimizes the flocculation of drilling fluid solid.
  • This product can also be used to prevent viscosity humps during break‐over of non‐dispersed systems and as a gel preventer.
  • It functions synergistically when combined with same family of polymer based fluid loss reducer like CRISTOL FLP 53