Oil and gas field pipelines typically fall into two categories: one is used for transportation of crude oil, and the other is used for transportation of fuel oil. Pipelines are used for transportation of single-phase or multiphase fluids. Chemical treatment is the main solution for many internal pipeline corrosion problems. Corrosion inhibitor Chemicals can be tailored to address internal corrosion environments including fluid phases, operating conditions, expected flow rates, and product chemical variations. KAPL is a Corrosion Inhibitor manufacturer/ Corrosion Inhibitor Supplier. CRISTOL film forming type Corrosion Inhibitors (CI) are fatty acids derived Corrosion Inhibitor for crude oil pipelines. They contain only Oxygen, Hydrogen and Carbon and free from Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Sulphur. Completely soluble with the crude oil and no emulsifying effect. They get adsorbed on the metallic surface, protecting the metal surface by forming a film, giving the surface a certain level of protection. They reduce corrosion rate to less than 1 mpy with dosage of 6-15 ppm, once injected during field monitoring. Their dosages are compatible with Indian and imported crudes.

It is compatible with the materials structure of the pipes, pumps, basket Filters, pump strainers, storage tanks, valves, meters, instruments and any other Fitting used in the petroleum pipeline. Compatible with the other additive used in petroleum products like Drag Reducer Additive (DRA) which are polymer-based compound.