Shale Inhibitors Lubricants

Drilling operators worldwide are increasingly facing environmental challenges in selection of high-performance Drilling Fluids. In such a scenario water base Drilling Fluids are increasingly gaining popularity.

Polyglycol activated water-based mud system, provides an effective and environmentally safe alternative to oil-based drilling fluids to drill troublesome shales. This fluid delivers performance beyond that of conventional polymers and other water-base fluids.

KAPL is a Shale Inhibitor manufacturer/ Cloud Point Glycol manufacturer and produces a versatile range of Cloud Point Glycols (CPGs) with low to high salinity and f low to high Formation Temperature i.e. Low – Temperature, Medium-Temperature and High-Temperature CPGs.

These polyglycols/CPGs can be customized to meet a variety of drilling challenges- large diameter well bores,

extended-rich drilling, deep water and sub salt applications and particularly reactive shales. It also is an ideal system for drilling high-angle wells in reactive shale formation where wellbore stability, torque and drag are major concerns. Polyglycols act as superior shale inhibitors and wellbore stabilizers due to their unique chemistry and chemical absorption. The improved shale inhibition of polyglycol leads to lower dilution volume, fewer hole washouts and reduced instances of stuck pipe, which translate into less waste volumes requiring disposal and more pollution prevention and source reduction opportunities. Using the polyglycol system, at temperature above its cloud point, through a producing reservoir will significantly reduce invasion into the reservoir, and no glycol will be present in the filtrate.

Advantages :

  • Improved wellbore stability and shale inhibition
  • Improved lubricity
  • Improved high temperature filtration control
  • Reduced dilution rates and mud consumption
  • Reduced bit balling potential
  • Low toxicity