Castor Oil-based Polyol

Castor oil is increasingly finding application in the manufacture of polyurethane foams. The polyurethane is produced from polyols based on castor oil. There are a limited number of naturally occurring vegetable oils (triglycerides) which contain the unreacted hydroxyl groups that account for both the name and important reactivity of these polyols. Castor oil is the only commercially-available natural oil polyol that is produced directly from a plant source: all other natural oil polyols require chemical modification of the oils directly available from plants. Castor oil by itself has been used in making a variety of polyurethane products, ranging from coatings to foams, and the use of castor oil derivatives continues to be an area of active development. KAPL has the capacity & ability to customise Castor oil polyols according to customer’s requirement. KAPL’s Castor oil derivatized with propylene oxide makes polyurethane foam for mattresses., adhesives, mattresses, automotive seats and so on.

Features of Cristol’s Castor Oil Based Polyols

  • Superior to PPG (Polypropylene Glycol) or polyester in water and hydrolysis resistance
  • Superior to PPG or polyester in insulation
  • Lower viscosity than Polybutadiene or Polyester
  • One of the most challenging issues of polyurethane flooring is heat and humidity. The urethane produced from castor oil polyol is stable under high heat and humidity.