Asphaltenes, the most polar and heaviest component of crude oil, are complex heteroatom macro-cycles containing Carbon, Hydrogen, Sulfur, Nitrogen and Oxygen. Broadly speaking, Asphaltenes constitute the heavy fraction of oil that is insoluble in n-heptane or n-pentane and soluble in benzene/toluene. Asphaltenes exists in crude oil as stabilized micelles in presence of resins. The combined material behaves like a colloidal dispersion. However, a crude oil system can become unstable because of changes in hydrocarbon composition, pressure or temperature during normal production from the reservoir or during commingling with dissimilar crude oils. These changes can generate asphaltene particles in a two step process – first phase separation occurs when nano size asphaltene particles form in the crude oil to precipitate followed by growing in to large aggregates in the second phase.

Asphaltenes separation and precipitation as large particles results in:

  • Formation damage
  • Deposition in completion and surface facilities
  • Emulsion stabilization in presence of formation waters

KAPL is an Asphaltene Dispersant manufacturer. Our Asphaltene Dispersants substitute the natural resins and do not allow the asphaltene particles to from bigger sized molecules and deposit. They are based on Polymeric chemistry and have multiple anchoring groups and chains that are completely compatible with the crude Oil.


  • The product kinetically inhibit in phase separation process by adding a small amount of chemicals that interferes with the processes
  • The product inhibits growth of the colloid by stabilizing the colloidal suspension of the asphaltene nanoparticles to significantly slow the flocculation and settling processes.