When lubricants are exposed to heat, gases, or mechanical stress, the molecules can breakdown and form radicals, which react with oxygen to cause oil thickening, deposits, and acid build‐up. Antioxidant chemicals extend the useful life of lubricants by eliminating these radicals and preventing thermo‐oxidative breakdown.

KAPL is antioxidant manufacturer/ antioxidant supplier. Our Antioxidants are of aminic, hindered aminic, phenolic and hindered phenolic type. is a general purpose ashless antioxidant for high temperature applications in engine oils, compressor oils, industrial oils, transmission fluids, turbine oils, hydraulic fluids, greases. Its high nitrogen content & liquid form allows for its incorporation in the above-mentioned lubricants.


  • Stabilizes lubricants where extended service life is required.
  • Effectively controls lubricant viscosity increase due to oxidation.
  • Offers higher stoichiometric factor than other alkylated diphenylamines for better antioxidant efficiency.
  • Offers high nitrogen content and TBN with good seal compatibility.
  • Contains no diluents.