Anionic Surfactant Manufacturer

Agrochemical formulations requires the use of a surface active agent or surfactant. Pesticide efficacy is improved by surfactants, which is not only essential for its preparation and maintenance of long term physical stability, but also essential for enhancing biological performance of the agrochemical, increasing the foliar uptake of herbicides, growth promoters and defoliants.  Increase in the foliar uptake is particularly useful for herbicides, growth regulators and defoliants, because less active compounds are needed, thus decreasing cost and pollution. Therefore, the choice of the adjuvant in an agrochemical formulation is crucial. Surfactants are adjuvants that reduce surface tension within the external surface layers of water.

Anionic Surfactants are negatively charged, and enhance foaming and other spreading properties. Anionic surfactants, as a plasticizer, softens the crystalline waxes in cuticle and thus increasing the mobility of agrochemicals across the cuticular membrane. KAPL is one of the prominent anionic surfactants manufacturers in India from the very beginning of the company. Being an experienced anionic surfactants supplier, KAPL is capable of tailoring the surfactants as per customer needs.