World Environment Day 2018 – Beat Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day 2018 – Beat Plastic Pollution

This theme aims that we may strive to make changes in their daily lives to minimize the heavy burden of plastic pollution. We should be free from the over use of disposables, as they have severe environmental consequences and must liberate our natural places from plastics.

World Environment Day was celebrated at KAPL’s facility on the 5th of June 2018, wherein an awareness program was conducted briefing all employees on the benefits of plantation, maintaining air quality & water purity in our surroundings. They were given Environmental Badges & Caps from The National Safety Council by Seniors.

New saplings were installed within unit premises followed by circulation of a message to instill awareness among all staff.


We all live in this Environment, and know it well that different activities happening around, affect it. Therefore, we need to leave it neat and clean. Unfortunately, our environment is effected by many factors. Natural resources like Water, Air, Soil and Forests are being polluted, which result in Climate changes harmful to our environment, dangerous for biological diversity, floods or droughts and create health hazards. We all need to put extra efforts to maintain air quality, water purity, and preservation of our forests. It is a moral responsibility of each one of us, to make efforts for a better environment.

MIOGE 2018 from 18-21 June at Moscow

MIOGE 2018 from 18-21 June at Moscow

Visit us at MIOGE 2018 (Moscow International Oil and Gas exhibition) from 18-21 June at Moscow’s new, modern exhibition venue – Crocus Expo.

Consult with our technical experts and discover our trending formulations at MIOGE.

“OIL & GAS” exhibition / MIOGE is the largest international exhibition of oil and gas equipment and technologies in Russia.

– Visitors of “OIL & GAS” exhibition / MIOGE have an opportunity to brief on a wide range of state-of-the-art solutions from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of oil and gas equipment and technologies.

– Visiting “OIL & GAS” exhibition / MIOGE is the best way to conduct direct negotiations with a large number of manufacturers and suppliers of oil and gas equipment and technologies, represented by both Russian and foreign companies.

Nowadays it is extremely important for Russian vendors of goods and services for the oil and gas industry to make persistent efforts to find foreign partners for expanding marketing outlets. Among other industry events held in Russia, “OIL & GAS” exhibition / MIOGE stands out by a large number of foreign participants and visitors, who are definitely interested and searching for business partners in Russia. In 2017 a large number of foreign exhibitors were represented at the venue. In particular, we managed to negotiate with representatives of large companies from Iran,” said Pyotr Kharchenko, Head of the Marketing Department of LLC NPP “SENSOR”.

MIOGE is divided into 8 thematic sections, which facilitates the rapid search of the necessary equipment and technology:

–    Geology and geophysics

–    Oil and gas production

–    Oil and gas transportation and storage

–    Oil and gas processing • Petrochemistry and gas chemistry

–    Industrial, ecological and fire safety • Occupational safety and health

–    Automation and control instrumentation

–    Information and communication technology

–    Power and electrotechnical equipment


Exhibition opening hours:18–20 June       10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

21 June                10:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m.