Business History

KAPL was incorporated in 1991 in India. It is a 100% Family Owned Private Limited Company.

  • 1976

    Setup manufacturing facility in Dombivli (E) (40Kms from Mumbai) to produce Esters & Anionic Surfactants. Business: Contract manufacturing; Market: India; Industry: Diverse.

  • 1988

    Setup manufacturing facility in Vasai (30Kms from Mumbai) to produce surfactants based on Ethylene Oxide (EO) & Propylene Oxide (PO) Business: Contract manufacturing; Market: India; Industry: Diverse..

  • 1991

    Setup manufacturing facility in Chiplun (300Kms from Mumbai) to produce wide range of Specialty Chemicals mainly Antioxidants, Flow Improvers and Surfactants. Market: India; Industry: Diverse.

  • 2000

    Started export promotion in products having global competitiveness i.e. Phosphite Antioxidants, Lubricant Additives and select Oilfield Chemicals.

  • 2012

    More than 70% of total revenues from exports.

  • 2014

    Acquired new plant to double capacities.

  • 2016

    Set up a subsidiary in the United States of America to expand presence in the region.